maanantai 27. kesäkuuta 2011


Let's start ! ^^ So I am now addicted to Kara's song Lupin... Yea I kno old vid but this song has always been very good but now it's REALLY GOOD :DD

so today I went to see my friends at the center. So we went go get some mc donalds, then little shopping YaY ^^

Seppälä have this sale "All MSCHIC stuff 5 €" They are usually mm.... 9-20???? € So I bought that Brush. It's Brow Definer brush but I'm going to use it as eyeshadow brush LOL :D
And about that blush, it's 04 Cotton Candy. It is more PINK that in that pic.. I tried to take good pic but no luck -.-''' well anyway..... And Models own's yellow eyeshadow only 0,50€

These were good cheap shoppings, I'm happy ^^

Then we went to park hang out ~~ Henna took few pics pf me ding ding~~

And yeah.. nothing much else eognwgäerohgeå bye xD

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rivriv kirjoitti...

I love mcdonalds mmm <3 hahaa
Cute piccies :D

Micah╝ kirjoitti...

thanks ^^

Mcdonalds isn't my friend cuz i'm on a diet xDD well aaanyway...