maanantai 29. elokuuta 2011

GEO Extra Mist Violet

Sorry about my bad English.

As I said in last post I'm going to review some things ^^ Those things are circle lenses and here is first review.

Lense itself looks like this:

(image from

And here is some basic information

Model: WT-A71
Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38% - 42%
Diameter: 15.0 mm
Base Curve: 8.4 - 8.6 (lense vial says 8.70)
Power: plano
Duration: 1 year disposable

I bought these lenses from Eyecandylenses. Eyecandylenses is my favorite circle lense store. They ship very quickly, shipping is ALWAYS totally free, with every pair you get free lense case and cute little "bag/"pouch" thing.
In this case shipping were 7 days.

Model is Extra Mist Violet from GEO. Usually I hear that EOS is ppls fav brand but for me it's absolutely GEO! GEO PRIDE!! I have now 3 lenses from GEO and 1 from EOS. I prefer my GEOs because of comfort.

Design 8/10

Pupils "hole" is quite tiny which I LOOOOOOOVE!! Before I bought these I knew that my own eyecolor shows up little bit but anyway. My green eyecolor pops up in sunlight when pupil is small but in the darker light lenses blend in nicely (DUH!!).
My mom said these look black, teacher said turquoise and my ex-co-worker said deep blue. With flash and in outdoors these are deep violet thank god!
I love pattern of lenses. There's lots of black so my eyes look very dolly like and violet is violet, not pinkish at all.

Comfort 9/10

GEO PRIDE!!! Really I Love GEO!! But it was windy today and they dried a bit when wind blow straight to my eye. But just few blinks and lenses were great again ^^
I have wore these lenses 16 hours at first day and 14 hours at 2nd.

Enlargement 10/10

15 mm is big, also amount of black makes these look big ^^ luuv luuv dolly eyes!!

Total 9/10

Love these lenses ♥ , but not my absolute favorite ones.

Next time I'm going to review brown lenses ^^ so stay tuned!!

XOXO Micah

maanantai 22. elokuuta 2011

Cheer up songs!

Sorry for being such a lazy-fat-ass with my blog.. Reason: There's nothing to write about.. I've been just hanging with my friends, drinking with friends, school, watching The Big Bang Theory.... And I don't want to do just those "lame-ass-giveaway-posts" like someone said... So... This is lame-ass-cheer-up-songs-post :D Reason: I am waiting some things from overseas or Asia (not sure where did they shipped them) and I want to to review about those things dam dam daam... So stay tuned :----D

It has been raining a lot in Finland and since school started I've been tired so what is better cheer up than good cheering up music at morning? So I thought that I could tell you guys my cheer up songs ^^ These song have so much energy so I just love to listen them when I'm going to school ^^

Bowling For Soup - I'm Gay

The Romantics - What I Like About You

Simple Plan - Shut Up!

Blink 182 - What's My Age Again?

What's your favorite cheer up song?

XOXO Micah

tiistai 9. elokuuta 2011

Maybelline got a little sister!

Hello! So I think that a lot of you have saw this new Maybelline's "little sister" brand. Last week I bought one lip gloss and one eyeshadow. Great thing in these is price. In Finland every piece is less than 5 € ( 7.11 USD / 4.38 GBP ) and colors are vibrant and youthful.

So let's get moving! First eyeshadow

This is shimmering very light pink.
According to their website I mean.. To me this is silverish/beigeish/pinkish.... color... I can't really tell xD but this is good basic eyeshadow just add a little bit of darker brown and you are done! This shadow is really soft and not dusty/dry at all. I like graphic of packaging ^^ Eyeshadows come in 52 different shades so check them here!

Next is lip gloss
Okay I have found new love when it comes to lip make up!! This coral gloss has little golden glitters and it's not sticky at all! You can still feel that basic stickiness of lip gloss but it's not ...... that sticky as lip glosses are usually. And it tastes/smells good and package is so cool again!! ^^ ♥ I want more of these!! There are 20 different shades of these lip glosses so check them out here!

Today last item of my "cheap stuff celebration" arrived :D
It's cute Hello Kitty (fake Hello Kitty but anyway) contact lense travel case ^^ This was like 3 $ with shipping from eBay also. Now I just have to wait when someone invites me to sleepover or something xDDD But anyway I think that every lense user should own at least one travel case! It's so practical!

Nothing much more..... Tomorrow starts 2nd day of my final year at school and .... Yeah.....

Take care and....

XOXO Micah

tiistai 2. elokuuta 2011

Cheap stuff celebration!

Last week I was scrolling a round at one of my favorite online shop called eBay ^^ Everybody knows eBay and every gal knows that you can find nice and CHEAP lashes in many many sizes and styles. So I was looking some upper and lower lashes and got them for under 5 $ ( shipping including ) That is cheap!! 20 pairs of lashes for under 5 $ Sounds good to me :D I have not tested these yet but anyway here they are:

Then I just kept scrolling around this lash sellers stuff and found a lot of stuff to buy ^^
I dunno how to explain what this really is... Is it clip or what? Well anyway. I bought 2 because I didn't notice that there is 2 in one package so that's why I didn't open blue one. I am planing to do giveaway in future (dunno when) and this is going to be in it. Cheap I know but this is so much better than regular clip. This doesn't leave "marks" on your hair.

Next I found some eyeliner pens :D These where like 2 $ or something. Reason to buy these was also that I wanted to have many eyeliner pens in different colors but they are too expensive if you are planing to buy 12 or something. So I got these. Package says "long lasting" and "waterproof". Guess 2 times are they long lasting and waterproof? No they are not but I don't care xD And where I need so many eyeliners? Well to do this makeup:

You might ask that why I don't use eyeshadow to do that blue line. Just because my eyeshadows are not that pigmented to look as vibrant than in picture above. That's why :D

Last is ............. mascara helper? xDDD I dunno.. But I think that with this I can add mascara without messing my eyeshadows ^^

Yesterday I was meeting my friends at center. We went to have some coffee and I bought shoes ^^

So ... I bought these from Spirit Store. They were only 9,50 €!! And I didn't know that Spirit Store have my size xDDD I really thought that I can't find shoes there at all! My size is 41 ( uk 7, us 9½ ) and it is like biggest women shoe size in Finland. And sometimes 41 is too small to me. This is why I feel bad when I see cute shoes in Yumetenbo. Their biggest size is 2 sizes too small to me ;;__;;

At the coffee shop Erika took pic of me ^^

And here is picture of my outfit
Jacket Seppälä
Top Seppälä
Skirt Seppälä
Shoes Zatza

And yeah... Nothing more I guess. I was planing to go some jewelry shopping today but.... I usually get money from my dad every 2nd day in month but not this time -.-''' I hope that I get it tomorrow.. I have one bills due date and my friends bday coming up.... But anyway.. Take care!