torstai 18. marraskuuta 2010

Rudolf the red nose reindeer~~

I kno that u r wondering WTF i mean with that Rudolf thing. I mean this:

My xmas look for IMVU is done! But also i fell in love with this reindeer furry thing so... I think that this furry look is not only for xmas xDD Look at it! It's so cute!! And this look totally work without antlers also!

But yeah to other things~~

My Bday was on Monday and I turned 19 ^^ And I want to thank those people who said concratz to me :) (And tho who didn't but r my "friends" well thank ya very much!)

I got some money (120€), shower gel/lip balm/body butter package and cute cactus x3 These were from my family and I don't have pic of those.

But these I got from my friends:

From Iris I got that cat key chain and Maxfactor's eyeshadow *__* It's 04 Queen Bee. I've been wondering like forever should I buy that eyeshadow or not. And now Iris bought it to me ^^ ♥ luuv ya Iris ♥

From Henri I got (in that pink paper bag) PrePaid telephone subscription so I could buy more IMVU creds :D Haven't try that out yet but this was so awesome! Also I got gift card to Kicks (cosmetic store) from him ^^ And I bought those nail polishes with it.

  • IsaDora Wonder Nail 703 Petrol Posh
  • Depend 206

Also I got some chocolate from him but I have ate it already xD

And I am so excited about 8th March!! Guess why?

Hihii ^^ It will be my 2nd time to see them live *___* I was in their concert when they where last time in Tavastia. But AAAAAA I'm so excited already!!

Henri and Annely were with me waiting those tickets before school :D Of course they didn't buy tickets to themselves but I had company so I didn't have to freeze alone xD

I'm also very excited about next Friday! We'll have party with my classmates :D I have to get well 'till that.. I'm having little flue.. Headache, feeling dizzy, coughing etc.. Thank god I don't have fever -.-''

But yeah... Nothing else..

C YA~~

keskiviikko 10. marraskuuta 2010

Gal MeetUp 4 & new shoes~~

Okay I'm just going to post pics :D

Yeah we had lot of beautiful Gals in Gal MeetUp 4 ^^ I had really great time there and made new friends also!! And the greatest thing was that I spend like 5 or more hours with those girls :D I totally would like to go to next meetup but I'm not sure, do i have money :/

Found only few pics on me :P and these are so RANDOM!! took these from FB and last pic from Noona's blog :D

These last 2 pics i took by myself :D again, I didn't take many pics -.-'' damn

Miss ya all already!! Have to c ya all asap!! 8(

And yeah those new shoes ^^

Sorry about quality of pic. Had to use flash.. But yeah they r dark brown :D Now I just had to wait weather to cool down.. been snowing/raining few days now so it's not best weather to use fake Ugg's xD

Fake Ugg's / So What / Zatsa / 59,95€

Can't remember last time when I used that much money to shoes x.x But I didn't buy almost anything from Helsinki so I had money to buy those shoes :D

Also bought new nail polishes today~~ Going to post pics later...

C YA ~~

perjantai 5. marraskuuta 2010

Dazzle me!

Again... Me buying makeups when I shouldn't..
  1. Collection 2000 Dazzle Me! Dreamland 19 // 1,95 €
  2. Wet 'n' Wild Coloricon E381B Sweet As Candy // 5,95 €
  3. Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine E446C Caribbean Frost // 3,95 €
  4. Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine E405 Sunny Side Up// 3,95 €
Those r from Seppälä. Today I finally found IsaDora's Graffiti Nails polish in black!! It has been sold out like forever and I finally found it from Sokos for 7,95 €!

And yeah.. Gal MeetUp tomorrow!! ^^ Going to post pics from there asap :)

Last but not least... Dea has sleep with me 3 nights now. Usually she sleeps next to my mom. I have woke up 2 times now when Dea sneeze straight to my face -.-'' not nice...

C YA!!

tiistai 2. marraskuuta 2010

No Smoking!

I quite smoking ^^ Okay this is just 2nd day but feel already really good about this quitting thing ^^

And to other things! Nails Nails Nails! Yeah my current nails:

  • Green: Depend 054
  • White: Rimmel I ♥ Lasting Finish 085 London Clouds
  • Top & Base coat by Depend
  • Wet 'n' Wild Loose Glitter Lilac Frosting

I made these nails in Saturday and they are slightly cracked from the tips. That's why I have to do new nails someday. I have too much exams and projects at school so no time for doing my nails...

And some recent things what I've bought :D

Some body lotion from Sokos // 5,75€

Lumene Quick & Chic Top Coat from Anttila // 4 € ( fond from "These nail polishes 4€" - basket xD ) You can never have too much top coat ~~

My 2nd lipstick ever bought :D First one were like umm... 8-10 years ago xD But anyway. This is nice nude color from Lumene Natural Code. Smile Booster Lipstick 3 Nude Beige // 7,90€

And nothing else :'D I have too much homework and etc to do -.-'''