sunnuntai 31. heinäkuuta 2011

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keskiviikko 27. heinäkuuta 2011

Meeting Sari ^^

So yeah Sari sent me pics from yesterday ^^

First we went to McDonalds so get something good ^^ Sari ordered ice latte and apple pie and I did take strawberry milkshake and apple pie also ^^ It was really nice to spend some quality time with Sari ^^ I just love talking to her cuz she is just so kind and lovely person ^^ ♥ So make sure to check her blog!

After McDonalds we went to Sokos to find new perfume to Sari. Why perfumes almost always have so cute bottles?? But anyway. Sari found very nice one to buy (she didn't buy it yet but she will :D) and I found one also. But. It's expensive... This is these situations when I scream "DAAAAAAAAD!!" or I scream to Ville "Honeyyyyyyyy!" xDDD LOL will see. Maybe I askit from my dad as a xmas or 20th bday present :DDDD and perfume is .... *tan tan tan tan tan taaaa*

Oh you dear Miss Dior Chérie! ♥ WANT!!!

And then it was picture taking time ^^

In this pic you can also see my outfit ^^
Shirt JC
Skirt H&M
Shoes Seppälä
Bag Seppälä
Foxtail eBay
Necklace Alba Rosa
Usamimi gift from my friend
Bracelet gift from my bf

This is only thing I have to say to my hair:

"Wild Hair appeard
Go! Micah!
Micah used hairspray
It doesn't affect to wild Hair...
Hair used flattening
It's super effective!
Micah fainted!"

Yep so my hair doesn't like me... Anyway let's keep moving!

And thanks to Sari cuz she took these pics ^^

(those wings are going to be my line to separate different things in blog posts xD)
And now to my announcement!

After talking to Sari I realized that I have to be what I want to be. I want to be gyaru-ish! That's really what I want to be and what makes me happy. I have noticed that I have some kind of anti-fan(s) who make secrets about me. But from now on I'm not going to change anything just because of some anonymous girl's/guy's opinion. I want to be what I want to be period!

So for now on I AM GYARU-ISH!

and that's really all I have to say now :D Haters gonna hate!

XOXO Micah

Glue gun is my friend!

Sunday was deco den day :D

First pic of my phone. I did only one side and it failed a bit..... but I like it anyway. Hello Kitty is from old hairpin. I removed Hello Kitty cuz I needed that pin to do bday gift for my friend. So I had too of those Kittys and well why not :D I looks good don't ya think ^^ Roses and crown are from some randon clothespins I found few years ago from local craft shop :D
Next to phone is little phone charm I made. It's simple and goes well with my other charms.

And here is my other charms :D
  • Little golden crown is 18th bday gift from my friend Make
  • Fur ball from eBay. It's real red fox and dyed ofc xD. I call him Esko Jr. The Tuhero Boa Käärme. Don't ask about that name xDD inside joke.
  • Little Hello Kitty. This came with....... some kind of Easter chocolate egg?
  • Cupcake from Spirit Store. Friend bought this for me and I bought her pack of smokes xD
  • Hello Kitty in................. in some kind of tart. This is from Strapya World. It has really annoying bell and I had to shut the fuck up that thing xD I had to cover the bell with glue to made unable to ring :---------D
So yeah... Yesterday I was meeting my Friend Sari at center. And when I get those pics from Sari I'm going to tell more and make a big (it's big to me) announcement ^^

Until then ..

XOXO Micah

maanantai 4. heinäkuuta 2011

Money comes, money goes ~~

As tittle says: I was shopping today ^^ so here some pics ~~

First from Seppälä:
  • Earrings 3,95 €
  • Ring 6,95 €
  • Bracelet set 9,95 € -60 % = 3,98 €
  • Shoes ♥ 39.95 €

From H&M:
  • Lip Gloss 1,95 €
  • Hello Kitty hair ties 2,95 €
  • Plastic bow hair ties 2,95 €
  • Mens silkboxers 7,95 € (silkboxers are like THE best night wear ever!!)

From Sokos:
  • Face cream 5 €
  • Toner 3,80 €
  • Deodorant 2,75 €
  • Facial scrub 4,40 €
You can guess two times do I want to know how much I spend xDD NO WAY!! Almost 100 €!!! Well... I love all of these ^^ ♥