maanantai 22. elokuuta 2011

Cheer up songs!

Sorry for being such a lazy-fat-ass with my blog.. Reason: There's nothing to write about.. I've been just hanging with my friends, drinking with friends, school, watching The Big Bang Theory.... And I don't want to do just those "lame-ass-giveaway-posts" like someone said... So... This is lame-ass-cheer-up-songs-post :D Reason: I am waiting some things from overseas or Asia (not sure where did they shipped them) and I want to to review about those things dam dam daam... So stay tuned :----D

It has been raining a lot in Finland and since school started I've been tired so what is better cheer up than good cheering up music at morning? So I thought that I could tell you guys my cheer up songs ^^ These song have so much energy so I just love to listen them when I'm going to school ^^

Bowling For Soup - I'm Gay

The Romantics - What I Like About You

Simple Plan - Shut Up!

Blink 182 - What's My Age Again?

What's your favorite cheer up song?

XOXO Micah

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