tiistai 2. elokuuta 2011

Cheap stuff celebration!

Last week I was scrolling a round at one of my favorite online shop called eBay ^^ Everybody knows eBay and every gal knows that you can find nice and CHEAP lashes in many many sizes and styles. So I was looking some upper and lower lashes and got them for under 5 $ ( shipping including ) That is cheap!! 20 pairs of lashes for under 5 $ Sounds good to me :D I have not tested these yet but anyway here they are:

Then I just kept scrolling around this lash sellers stuff and found a lot of stuff to buy ^^
I dunno how to explain what this really is... Is it clip or what? Well anyway. I bought 2 because I didn't notice that there is 2 in one package so that's why I didn't open blue one. I am planing to do giveaway in future (dunno when) and this is going to be in it. Cheap I know but this is so much better than regular clip. This doesn't leave "marks" on your hair.

Next I found some eyeliner pens :D These where like 2 $ or something. Reason to buy these was also that I wanted to have many eyeliner pens in different colors but they are too expensive if you are planing to buy 12 or something. So I got these. Package says "long lasting" and "waterproof". Guess 2 times are they long lasting and waterproof? No they are not but I don't care xD And where I need so many eyeliners? Well to do this makeup:

You might ask that why I don't use eyeshadow to do that blue line. Just because my eyeshadows are not that pigmented to look as vibrant than in picture above. That's why :D

Last is ............. mascara helper? xDDD I dunno.. But I think that with this I can add mascara without messing my eyeshadows ^^

Yesterday I was meeting my friends at center. We went to have some coffee and I bought shoes ^^

So ... I bought these from Spirit Store. They were only 9,50 €!! And I didn't know that Spirit Store have my size xDDD I really thought that I can't find shoes there at all! My size is 41 ( uk 7, us 9½ ) and it is like biggest women shoe size in Finland. And sometimes 41 is too small to me. This is why I feel bad when I see cute shoes in Yumetenbo. Their biggest size is 2 sizes too small to me ;;__;;

At the coffee shop Erika took pic of me ^^

And here is picture of my outfit
Jacket Seppälä
Top Seppälä
Skirt Seppälä
Shoes Zatza

And yeah... Nothing more I guess. I was planing to go some jewelry shopping today but.... I usually get money from my dad every 2nd day in month but not this time -.-''' I hope that I get it tomorrow.. I have one bills due date and my friends bday coming up.... But anyway.. Take care!


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Mona ♥ kirjoitti...

nice blog <3
and I like ur haircolor
could u help me and linke me the shop for the bottom lashes? ;__; u would help me alot

Micah╝ kirjoitti...

thank you thank you ^^

well I buy my lashes from ebay :/ all those "non-brand" lashes are from random sellers but "brand" ones I usually buy from this seller: http://myworld.ebay.com/hkwai_beauty/?_trksid=p4340.l2559

I think that I had Jewerich no. 3 bottom lashes in those pics...

and tip for eyelash hunt for ebay is look for "cheapest first" :----D