torstai 18. marraskuuta 2010

Rudolf the red nose reindeer~~

I kno that u r wondering WTF i mean with that Rudolf thing. I mean this:

My xmas look for IMVU is done! But also i fell in love with this reindeer furry thing so... I think that this furry look is not only for xmas xDD Look at it! It's so cute!! And this look totally work without antlers also!

But yeah to other things~~

My Bday was on Monday and I turned 19 ^^ And I want to thank those people who said concratz to me :) (And tho who didn't but r my "friends" well thank ya very much!)

I got some money (120€), shower gel/lip balm/body butter package and cute cactus x3 These were from my family and I don't have pic of those.

But these I got from my friends:

From Iris I got that cat key chain and Maxfactor's eyeshadow *__* It's 04 Queen Bee. I've been wondering like forever should I buy that eyeshadow or not. And now Iris bought it to me ^^ ♥ luuv ya Iris ♥

From Henri I got (in that pink paper bag) PrePaid telephone subscription so I could buy more IMVU creds :D Haven't try that out yet but this was so awesome! Also I got gift card to Kicks (cosmetic store) from him ^^ And I bought those nail polishes with it.

  • IsaDora Wonder Nail 703 Petrol Posh
  • Depend 206

Also I got some chocolate from him but I have ate it already xD

And I am so excited about 8th March!! Guess why?

Hihii ^^ It will be my 2nd time to see them live *___* I was in their concert when they where last time in Tavastia. But AAAAAA I'm so excited already!!

Henri and Annely were with me waiting those tickets before school :D Of course they didn't buy tickets to themselves but I had company so I didn't have to freeze alone xD

I'm also very excited about next Friday! We'll have party with my classmates :D I have to get well 'till that.. I'm having little flue.. Headache, feeling dizzy, coughing etc.. Thank god I don't have fever -.-''

But yeah... Nothing else..

C YA~~

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yen kirjoitti...

Myöhäset onnittelut :D ~~

Micah╝ kirjoitti...

kiitos kiitos :)

Coco kirjoitti...

Ooooo myöhäiset onnittelut!!! ^-^

Micah╝ kirjoitti...

kiitos :D