keskiviikko 10. marraskuuta 2010

Gal MeetUp 4 & new shoes~~

Okay I'm just going to post pics :D

Yeah we had lot of beautiful Gals in Gal MeetUp 4 ^^ I had really great time there and made new friends also!! And the greatest thing was that I spend like 5 or more hours with those girls :D I totally would like to go to next meetup but I'm not sure, do i have money :/

Found only few pics on me :P and these are so RANDOM!! took these from FB and last pic from Noona's blog :D

These last 2 pics i took by myself :D again, I didn't take many pics -.-'' damn

Miss ya all already!! Have to c ya all asap!! 8(

And yeah those new shoes ^^

Sorry about quality of pic. Had to use flash.. But yeah they r dark brown :D Now I just had to wait weather to cool down.. been snowing/raining few days now so it's not best weather to use fake Ugg's xD

Fake Ugg's / So What / Zatsa / 59,95€

Can't remember last time when I used that much money to shoes x.x But I didn't buy almost anything from Helsinki so I had money to buy those shoes :D

Also bought new nail polishes today~~ Going to post pics later...

C YA ~~

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