keskiviikko 27. heinäkuuta 2011

Glue gun is my friend!

Sunday was deco den day :D

First pic of my phone. I did only one side and it failed a bit..... but I like it anyway. Hello Kitty is from old hairpin. I removed Hello Kitty cuz I needed that pin to do bday gift for my friend. So I had too of those Kittys and well why not :D I looks good don't ya think ^^ Roses and crown are from some randon clothespins I found few years ago from local craft shop :D
Next to phone is little phone charm I made. It's simple and goes well with my other charms.

And here is my other charms :D
  • Little golden crown is 18th bday gift from my friend Make
  • Fur ball from eBay. It's real red fox and dyed ofc xD. I call him Esko Jr. The Tuhero Boa Käärme. Don't ask about that name xDD inside joke.
  • Little Hello Kitty. This came with....... some kind of Easter chocolate egg?
  • Cupcake from Spirit Store. Friend bought this for me and I bought her pack of smokes xD
  • Hello Kitty in................. in some kind of tart. This is from Strapya World. It has really annoying bell and I had to shut the fuck up that thing xD I had to cover the bell with glue to made unable to ring :---------D
So yeah... Yesterday I was meeting my Friend Sari at center. And when I get those pics from Sari I'm going to tell more and make a big (it's big to me) announcement ^^

Until then ..

XOXO Micah

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Noloa kirjottaa englanniks, kun ei osaa sitä kunnolla.

Micah╝ kirjoitti...

Mutta viesti menee (ainaki almost) perille ja se on tärkein :) Mieluummin kirjotan shaisse enkkuu ku et vien parilta kaverilta lukemisen "ilon" pois. (google translator on shaissempi)