lauantai 2. huhtikuuta 2011

Finally got some time to do some blogging~~

So, yeah :D Got money, used it to get some new clothes ~~ ke ke ke!! So! I'll share some pics with you. I didn't take pic of every item i bought but let's start! Again, sorry cuz of webcam pics :'333 I'm laaaaaaaazy~~

Bracelet 6,95€ / Seppälä. This is so cute!!! 3 white pearl bracelet with one "diamond" bracelet. They stay together with cream colored bow ^^ cute huh?

New wallet! It's big it's beige and it's pretty!! 12,95€ / Seppälä.

Skirt 26,95 € / Seppälä. I like this one very much ^^ If I pull it a bit higher that I should it keeps my tummy a bit flatter ^^

And my favorite thing! Shirt 29,95 € /Seppälä. this is almost like a dress :D but I still use skirt under this :D on the other hand... at Thursday my skirt was so short that no one couldn't see it xD LOL

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Meri and Anni kirjoitti...

Ihania ostoksia! ;w;
Eww, nyt tekis mieli shoppailee.. :D

Micah╝ kirjoitti...

ke ke ke :DD no kuvittele kui tuskallista mulla on ku oon töis vaatekaupas xDDD tahtoo kaiken ja sillee XD