tiistai 12. huhtikuuta 2011

Contact lens review

This IS NOT sponsored review!
So I got my first GOOD lenses yesterday :D These are from eyecandylenses but I can't find these ones there anymore :/

I wore these 13½ hours (oooooops...) but they weren't uncomfortable at all. Only in BRIGHT light. I'm doing my job-practice-period in clothing store and we have VERY BRIGHT spotlights there so once in a while I am blind xD not sure is it 'cause of lenses or not but well ya kno :D

After all I LOVE THESE!!! <3

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ContactLensesExpress kirjoitti...

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Meri and Anni kirjoitti...

Ihanan väriset! ;w;

Micah╝ kirjoitti...

ContactLensesExpress: I'll check :)

Anni: Hii nii onki ^^