maanantai 18. lokakuuta 2010

Pink & Glitter

Okay this will be not-so-good blog entry. I'm too lazy to edit pics and I'm at moms laptop cuz my own computers harddrive made suicide -.-'' Plus I am quite hungry and tired. This will be sooo random blog entry, sorry xD

First todays camwroaring

So.. yeah. Hoodie is new (from H&M) and I'm in love with that hoodie ^^''

Few weeks ago I ordered some makeups from Eyeko. I ordered 4 nail polishes (pic below) and black eyeliner. When I got them nail polishes were all ok but eyeliner was broken. So I send e-mail to Eyeko and they said that they are going to re-send it. Well I got new black eyeliner but I also got violet eyeliner for free :DDD I'm not sure am I going to use that, cuz I don't use violet makeup at all... I love yellow, orange, green, metal shades and natural colors when it comes to makeup... But anyway. Here r those nail polishes:

I were too lazy to edit pics of those eyeliners :'DDD Check Eyekos homepage.

Today I also bought new blush and kajal pencil. And Laura gave me nice false lashes *__* they were just basic black lashes with silver ^^ Good party falses :D I didn't take a good pic of them tho -.-'''
And and xDD My mom baked chocolate cookies and I found funny looking cookie today xDD so here is a pic of it:

Nothing more this time :) I just have to sat that Micah is veeeery happy girl ^^


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