keskiviikko 18. tammikuuta 2012

Imma alive!!

Joo tiiän oon ihan kauhee ihminen ku en päivitä... No ihastuttaakseni pientä lukija kuntaani (eli minä) ja toteuttaakseni minun ja Elinan sopimuksen niin päivittelen nyt kuulumisia :) Löimme nimittäin kättä päälle maanantaina aamu bussissa, että molemmat päivittää tällä viikolla ja dead line on sunnuntaina klo 22:00. Tänään lintsasin sit koulusta nii mulla on jopa aikaa vääntää tänne jotain kuulumisia :D

Yeah I know I haven't post anything in a........... well u kno. I made deal with Elina that we both update our blog before next Sunday 10 pm, so here is my part of the deal. I skipped school today so I finally have some time to tell you guys how I'm doing :)

I apologize that the following information is really out of date but it's important information anyway xD

(on 15ht of November 2011 I turned 20)

So.... 18ht of November 2011 we celebrated my friend Arja's 21ht bday :)
From left to right: Annely, Arja, me and Heta

So at the party I met Ilari and well everything after that has been the main reason why I haven't update my blog xDD

And to get back at my last entry; I AM BETTER THAN OK NOW ^^ and I think that the main reason to that is Ilari ^^ I don't have a lot pics from us and those pics I have are at facebook xDD Well anyway here is few :D

We had fun playing with Ilari's webcam at night when we were at Multia. We celebrated new years eve at Ilari's friends house at Multia (small.... town/village?? 1 hour a away from my hometown) and few days we were visiting Ilari's mom and her husband. I had a lot of fun ^^

Yeah we don't have any cool pics of us together... Only these xD and only pic i have from new years eve is this pic of Ilari when I tested how my new phone's camera works at dark room :D well not in bitch black but anyway xDD
Ilari was also testing his camera and taking pics of me in this pic but I haven't get those photos :---D Anyway I had the best new years eve EVER! Thanks to everyone there ^^

And yeah... In past 2 months I've been hanging out with Ilari, school, playing video games and yeah that's it :DD

I got Xbox 360 for xmas gift so I've became a nerd xDD I also got new computer and phone at December so yeah...

And I'm going again to Seppälä for my work-practice-period so don't whine about "wear something else than seppälä clothes" because I have to wear their clothes at while working :P

Hmm... nothing else :DD I am going to make that make up video as soon I have time :) I try to make some time at weekend but we will see that :)

Take care!
XOXO Micah

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